Peach-peeled morning hangover / wake up! / A bed encrusted with sodden blood / I cannot love you / without / the travails of us being with one another / hair damp in nightsweat / like dew on a harvested cabbage / these rows of unbrushed teeth / the bannister my tongue clings on to. / As if / made to be cinders / the brush of morning on our skins / heats us like charcoals. / I left wings / of scratches on yr back / to let you soar. / Cheerful toad in a safevest / a mosaic of dirt shows beneath the ears / and all the way down yr neck / the rugged edge where the cut happened. / Upside-down shoes / like a scald in reverse which runs under-skin. / Tea leaves stained the white table / the half opened metal tin from Fortnum & Mason. / Oh, my schoolbell love / my 20 carat piece of gold / how lovely to hypothetically / extract yr heart out / merely with my teeth / yr severed head / next to me / to cuddle with / in a last / self-harming / & heartbroken statement

Serge ♆ Neptune is a London-based poet and translator. His work has appeared in Ink, Sweat & Tears, Strange Poetry, and Grinding Poetry.

twitter: @mermanpoet

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