The Strop by Matthew Caley


          and the strop-razor
against my testicles then
grazing my perineum
as might make an initiate
draw in their very breath but
I see Countess Dolingen
               of Gratz
pining over a corpse in
the Schlosspark Mausoleum

          as The Id pines for pleasure.
And while the razor is blunt
my mind is sharp with thoughts of

          Comptesse Dolingen of Gratz
as the filter-elms turn green,
the people dappled-green on the Alexanderplatz
almost on the verge of love.
There is no such word as ‘can’t’

Matthew Caley's sixth collection Trawlerman's Turquoise is forthcoming from Bloodaxe in September, 2019. He describes it as 'the book that will secure my future obscurity'. He's read everywhere from Galway to Novi Sad, from the National Portrait Gallery to Wayne Holloway-Smith's living room.

His work can be found here.

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