This Man by Lydia Hounat


this man is your simple next-door-neighbour
reading Stanislav and Freud,
this man is a qualified doctor,
“a nice young man”,
this man has turned many a key in my door
and changed the locks to myself,
this man coughs shit wit,
unreasonable unreadability,
unfathomable good kisses,
reduces the ladies to digital cum-buckets,
wages imaginary numbers,
smokes his dick out like a haunch of pork,
gaslights his grandmother in letters,
this man spiritually reawakens in a tent admiring his fingers,
who he will choose to sink them into next,
contemplating his Peugeot tyre, slashed by a karmic vibration,
signalling his life is already over.

Lydia Hounat is a British-Algerian artist from Manchester, England. She edits the poetry section at REALITY BEACH magazine and SOBER. zine. She is currently a Poet-in-Residence at Manchester Metropolitan University, and resides between Cornwall and London.

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