Duty-Free Ayahuasca by Tim Kiely


Use one sachet to one mugful
of boiling water each, and be
                  as slipperiness
as process      as coagulate.

Imagine this being on a beam of light –
the liana of the soul -                 afloat
             overglowing the whole world
before breakfast (do not consume
with coffee or The Financial Times);

imagine returning to the office machine
reawakened, re-seen                  as meat
becoming motion    becoming unbound
becoming brilliant                  becoming
maggots          becoming the best damn story

that ever graced the employee café;     
imagine guilt-free     business class
all the way back    your boots clean
of rivermud and creeper         yours
all for a very          reasonable price.

Photo by Tyrone Lewis

Tim Kiely's poetry has appeared in South Bank Poetry, The Morning Star, Under the Radar and Ink, Sweat & Tears. He is a member of the Poets Versus collective.

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