3 solo sexual practices by Frieda Lake


all includes cumming unless the intensity 
pushes pass the need or the narcotics make cumming itself impossible, 

consuming the whole body where the genitals 
envelope back inside. 

the practices vary in degree of danger: 

this list is NOT a recommendation!

if you take it to be so, you do so at your own risk - 

sometimes people die from overindulgence

usually moments before orgasming when the intensity transcends fear; the moment of fear shoots up your spine just after you cum as you struggle to free yourself with sweat dripping down from every orifice; your mind rushing to be practical as your hands fumble; the shock of delight when you are free again; finally a normal breath. 

breath play (1) usually divides into two scenarios, either a belt/rope/tie/scarf or a bag. 

when my friend, hardcore mike, uses a bag, “it has to be plastic and wrapped around my neck with duct tape.” in one fetlife post, he even wrapped a belt around the duct tape, pulling on it so hard, you could the bloated redness of his face beneath the blue bag from the offey. he survived but only cos he came superquick, was smorting up on coke and had taken a viagra - 

a potentially heart attack even without the breath play - he wrote he wanted to cum again but the little voice his head said, “look mate, we have our tax report to do,” and he ripped open the bag with his bare hands and just masturbated about three or four more times.

dildo play (2) has a lot of exciting potential for the newbie: the tiny dildos slide into nearly every hole without any trouble at all, but upsizing can be an issue, in terms of both thickness and length. 

the body does not care about the will or desire to upgrade, when it comes to the anal passage, if it hurts, it really fucking hurts. 

my friend, robotic sarah, says, “sometimes you think you got it in; you’ve used at least a quarter of the ky bottle, but then the pain erupts, you have to whip it out, and the potential for orgasm dies with it. like upsizing body piercings, it’s a slow process, sometimes the piercing hole naturally enlarges and sometimes you need to gradually introduce a bigger one over time, 

but when the body feels comfortable with the next size up, you explode!” 

it is like that magical fifth fuck with a lover when all inhabitation falls away and your body melts into each other, through the sweat and the lube and the weird angles, but this time, it’s with a dildo, “which never argues with you cos its rubber and has no mouth, and no man should have a mouth that speaks.”

needle play (3) you have to like blood for this, if you don’t, don’t do it. 

it isn’t particularly painful; you have to be wary about going too deep, but just doing on loose skin, is fine, the shaft of the penis or the outer or inner labia, fine, just be careful, sterile the skin, never reuse needles, always use sterile needles. 

the blood will drip. it gives a really nice gentle head rush. you’ll masturbate. you’ll come. you’ll panic about the blood. you’ll wash. it’ll be fine. don’t do it too often, don’t build up scar tissue, be careful with your nipples.

bernardine says, “my friend cums when they piece their nipple. sometimes they don’t even touch themselves, but they have super sensitive nipples, not all of us are that lucky, but scar tissues deadens the sensitivity, so the need for that rush kills its own desire. 

another friend did it so often, they really have to push the needle through the scar tissue, only to feel a little rush, and they cry themselves to sleep. ‘it does feel like nature hates us,’ they messaged me the other day.”

Frieda Lake refuses to identify themselves but they love body modification and cocaine. They once wrote for Playboy and had sex with Robert Anton Wilson.

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