ATOMS by Isabel del Rio


heave and plunge: atoms
colliding converging collapsing camouflaging contaminating;
the urge to destroy
is a creative one, as seen on
a street wall and
signed by Filth; between the fresh sheets of
newspapers we stumbled upon fragments
of mendacities; after
all that, it has come to this; your writing
is already being
considered for a posthumous award;
it might bring some
comfort to make a list of the things
we will not do
ever, ever, ever; nothing
seems to be rising
from the ashes
of societal expectations; you had always
wished for a life
lived dangerously, and look at you
today; they even cancelled
the journey I embarked upon to meet
my fate; this time
I am planning to finish
Dead Souls; the prevailing
comprises a solitary
cyclist, a single van,
a secluded child; as you recite Eliot
by heart, there is clearly
something else
on your mind;
we will probably never
meet again, at least
in our present state; I can be found
in my red room
for the conceivable
future; in any case, sex
was already performed in
self-isolation; no one must mention
the/this war; explain
what you mean
by fulfilment; more fiction than
non-fiction, I
would have thought; from this moment
on, we will need to live off
who we once were;
it is not a plight but
one more plight among many
plights; the memory
of strolling
along the elm-lined lane
keeps resurfacing;
as to tomorrow, it is
have they signed
death sentence

Isabel del Rio is a poet, a fiction writer and an extremely amateur photographer and artist.  She is the editor of the independent imprint Friends of Alice Publishing, with the aim of creating some kind of wonderland to which to escape to one day. 

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