GOOD BYE by Godefroy Dronsart



                     to all of you, dog-headed worshippers

of empty gender geometry, good bye


                                       to your dead magic,


dry and sinuous

                      like intestines hanging

                                                         on a

                                                                suburban laundry line


goodbye to you ailing fuck gurus 

                                               you who harbour


                            abuse under

                                         your ceremonial robes I hope


                                                                                  you burn


I am out now, a dagger darted

                                             towards the schoolmen, a plague


              upon eternity peddlers, you who hold your static rods

with such urgency,


                                 I am out

                                                 a moon saving its own orbit


my own my own my own


Godefroy Dronsart
is a writer, teacher and musician currently residing near Paris. His poetry has appeared in Lunar Poetry, PostBLANK, Paris Lit Up and The Belleville Park Pages among others. His first chapbook The Manual was published earlier this year by Sweat Drenched Press and explores the space between poetry, prose and gamebooks. 

@OzoneGrass on Twitter

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