Reading Jeremy Reed’s Poetry by R J Dent



It’s taken me many years to find them.

Now that I have, there is a charge –

discrete amounts written on purple

labels, the strings of which are tied

in bows to fleets of hovering clouds.


Eyes follow the lines, the mind follows

the eyes and then overtakes. Images

become a short series of juxtaposed film

rushes, shown daily in a large, deserted

open-air theatre. When people arrive,


they are each comprised of perfectly-

joined silver/gold symmetrical halves –

their bodies of fire and their faces

of facetted ice. They have a cat’s amber

eyes and an intrinsic fluid inner grace.

R J Dent is the author of a poetry collection, Moonstone Silhouettes, a novel, Myth, and a short story collection, Gothiques and Fatastiques. He is also renowned translator of European literature, including the Poems & Fragments of Alcaeus (2012), and Georges Bataille’s The Dead Man (2020).

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